Casa Ravella
since 1567


A family winery that has been linked to the world of wines since 1567. In these soils, coral reef sediments from the Miocene period can be found, indicating that the plot was below sea level during the Tertiary Age.


Our plot, typical of the ” Muntanyes d´Ordal” region, characterizes by having clay-loam and permeable soil, over a limestone foundation with low organic matter content. Under the Penedés P.D.O. and Cava (sparkling wine), we own vineyards in different municipalities in the Alt Penedés region, which is 25 km from Barcelona.

Ecological Wine-Making

A significant commitment for our vines to be enviromentally friendly, has been adapting to ecological agriculture, registered in the Catalonian Council of Ecological Agricultural Production ( CCPAE). We aim to achieve results without compromising our main source of natural resources, in the benefit of future generations. This is our main wine-making commitment. We have treated our wineyards in a 100% ecological manner for years.


By appling a conservation oriented agriculture, we aim to improve the land´s biological properties, through environmentally conscious cultivation and balanced production to preserve our plants. A vineyard with spontaneous vegetation coverage which affords biodiversity and fertility, giving the soils a lot of life.


After continuous monitoring to harvest at the optimum ripening point, and a first strict grape selection process in the vineyard, the grapes are hand-picked and transported to the wine cellar in small boxes. Manual harvest.

Cellar. Free run juice

Only free run juice is used in the production of our wines, and by fermenting at controlled temperatures, the wine keeps all of its organoleptic properties. Micro-oxygenation, maceration and subsequent ageings help to round off our wines.

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